Avontuurlijke ontdekkingsbox Maart 2023

Adventure Discovery Box March 2023

These were the beers from the Adventurous Discovery Box of March: 

Ferre Wit (White beer, 5.5% ABV, 15 IBU)

A fresh wheat beer with the clear smell of citrus, coming from the presence of citrus hops (in addition to coriander).
This beer is also the thirst quencher as a reward for hard efforts.
The name Ferre refers to Ferdinand Verbiest, born in Pittem in 1623 and a Jesuit who was sent to China as a missionary in 1666. In pittem there is a statue in honor of Father Verbiest.

Bier Ferre wit flesje

Enghien Blond (Strekbier, 7.5% ABV)

The beer is described on its own website as follows:
“Like its aroma, the taste of Enghien Blonde is a bitter orchestra led with tact but not too rigidly orchestrated, offering roundness where needed in the middle and back of the mouth. The quality of the hops and the purity of the malt create a harmonious whole.”

Bierflesje Enghien Blond

4KNT Triple (Triple, 8% ABV)

This tripel from the 4KNT brewery is described by the brewers themselves as “a golden blond beer, refermented in the bottle. An interplay of spicy and fruity flavors, supported by a soft maltiness.

bierflesje 4KNT Tripel

Martha Sexy Blonde (Sterk blond, 8% ABV, 30 IBU)

A straw yellow beer with hints of white, dried fruit and cloves. Sweet start that is embraced by the alcohol present. A beer with a full taste, a refined aroma that turns into a slightly bitter aftertaste.

bierflesje Martha Sexy Blonde

Mozaik (Sterk Blond, 8% ABV, 30 IBU)

Mozaïk is a balanced strong blond beer with a touch of citrus and tropical fruit. The name was chosen because it is brewed with traditional brewing grains but with new fruity hops including Mosaic.

bierflesje Mosaik Blond

Ad Vitam Triple (Triple, 8.5% ABV, 31 IBU)

Ad Vitam Triple is a top-fermented red-brown Belgian beer. It is a full-bodied, characterful beer with biscuit aromas and accents of lightly roasted and caramelized malt. The beer is subtly hopped and has a pleasant, balanced bitterness and aftertaste.

 bierflesje Ad Vitam Tripel

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