Beer tasting evening


Are you a beer lover who likes to discover new beers and do you want to organize a fun and unforgettable evening for your friends and/or family? How about a beer tasting evening at your house?

postmybeer Brings the beer to you, from a wide range of craft beers that you and your guests can sample in the comfort of your own home. We guide you through each tasting, sharing insights and information about the beers, the ingredients, the brewing process and the breweries themselves.

Our beer evenings are perfect for birthdays, bachelor parties or just a fun evening together. We customize each tasting to suit your preferences, with options for different beer styles and regional favorites

Booking your own beer trial night is very easy: provide your desired date and time via the contact form, along with the beer styles you wish to offer, and postmybeer Does all the rest: we bring the beer, but also the tasting glasses, put everything on, and even wash everything off afterwards, so that you and the guests should only enjoy the beer and the company.

  • Ruben

    Nice evening, getting to know a lot of new beers! Top team building!

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  • Michiel

    Very pleasant person with nice explanation about the beers. Highly recommended.

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