A new wind through the products

Less than 3 months after the launch of PostMyBeer.be, we have made our first major adjustment to the products: you can now immediately indicate which frequency of delivery you want, or which duration of the prepaid box or the gift box you want, or which trial box you wish.

But that is not everything! You can now also opt for a discovery box with only blonde beers, or the original discovery box that can contain all beer styles. We named these boxes Adventurous and Daring respectively (blonde and blonde+brown we found a bit too predictable...)


In addition to the renewal of the products, we have also considerably expanded the payment options (unfortunately at the moment only for the prepaid boxes and the trial boxes). Belfius, iDeal, Klarna, even a manual transfer, ... It's all possible from now on. And of course we will try to expand this even further in the future and also to bring it to the subscription formulas.

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