Gedurfde Ontdekkingsbox Februari 2023

Bold Discovery Box February 2023

These were the beers from the bold discovery box of February 2023: 

Korneel (alcohol free, 0.3% ABV, 20 IBU)

According to the brewers themselves, KORNEEL is a refreshing and thirst-quenching non-alcoholic beer with citrus aromas and a sparkling mouthfeel.
Korneel is one of the newer non-alcoholic beers on the market, but certainly not the only one. Where you used to only have the choice of Tourtel if you wanted to drink alcohol-free beer, you can now find almost every beer style in an alcohol-free variant, even an abbey beer.

Thrive (Alcohol free, 0,"% ABV, 14 IBU)

Thrive is a beer that was developed together with KU Leuven as an ideal recovery drink after a sports performance.
Thrive is an IPA style beer, with a slightly hoppy aroma. Thrive itself claims not to have gone too far with the hops, so that it remains an accessible beer.
Beer is often used as a recovery drink (albeit not always consciously :), but creator and triathlete Laurens D'Hoore wanted to go further, and came up with an alcohol-free beer to which proteins or proteins were added.

Bronze Baron Premium 5 (Specialty beer, 5.5% ABV, 27 IBU)

The Bronzen Baron Premium 5 is a soft beer low in alcohol, full-bodied, not bitter with a slightly sour tip for those who do not like bitter beers.
This beer won a gold medal at the 2021 Frankfurt International Trophy.

Abracadabrew (Gose, 5.8% ABV)

Abracadebew is a blond gose beer, enriched with blueberries. It provides a slightly salty taste with the fruitiness of blueberries and a soft acidity.
The sourness is not achieved by wild yeast in this case, but by adding lactobacillus and letting it do its thing for a defined amount of time. In such cases, we sometimes speak of kettle sour.
If you can no longer pronounce the name of the beer in 1 attempt, you have drunk too much abracadabrew :)

Harmony (Belgian Blond, 6% ABV, 16 IBU)

Harmony is a beer from the “Legends” line of Brasserie des Légendes”. Young, creative and idiosyncratic beers are released in this line.
Harmony is the only beer from this line that is brewed all year round, the other beers from the line are always temporary beers.

Wolf 8 (Dark specialty beer, 8.5% ABV)

Wolf 8 is, according to the brewery itself, a dark brown, burgundy colored beer with a firmly broken, white head and a pleasant aroma of pear and roasted nuts. The taste is nutty, followed by chocolate impressions and exotic fruit. A characterful beer with a nice, full aftertaste with some hop bitters and caramel.

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