Verwijs een vriend door en ontvang een gratis ontdekkingsbox!

Refer a friend & get a free discovery box!

Tasting a good beer is delicious, but it will be fun if you can share it with friends.

We already have our Duo pack for the subscribers who want to share the tasting of the monthly discovery box with someone, but of course we want the discovery boxes of postmybeer Be shared even more.

That is why we want to reward you as a member of our community (as a customer, member, follower, fan) as a friend, family member, close or distant neighbor, a pen friend,... A discovery box orders via postmybeer Thanks to you!

We already have a referral program via the website, where you can obtain your own referral link and forward it to others, but we note that this way of working is generally only a moderate success, and often such links also cause problems with the (automatic) Granting any discounts.

That's why we take a different tack, and we go completely Craft (To stay somewhat in the theme of beer brewing :):

How does it work?

When you 've convinced someone postmybeer , Or when you have simply already spoken to someone (either in real-life or digital) about postmybeer , Contact postmybeer Then for a moment and pass on the name *.

You can contact us by mail, via Messenger, via an instagram message, via the chat on our website, ... It doesn't matter in itself.

When we receive an order in this name, we will work the appropriate reward for you as soon as possible!

* Please provide the name and no email addresses: the purpose of this promotion is not to obtain a list of possible customers that we will then spam with emails and advertising.

What are those rewards?

There are 2 possible rewards:

-When someone has a Subscription Of postmybeer Thanks to you, you will receive a self- Discovery box, absolutely free! You may indicate whether you want to receive a Bold, or an Adventurous Discovery Box.

Self already subscribed to the postmybeer -Subscription? Then you will also receive the next discovery box from your subscription for free. If you have a subscription to the DUO subscription or the 12-pack subscription, the next box will receive a 50% discount.

-When someone has a Other formula Ordered via postmybeer (A one-time discovery box, a prepaid formula or a gift formula), then You will receive 5 € . And that € 5 is not in the form of a coupon: we will contact you to deposit the € 5 in your account as soon as possible.

Up to Lock 

There is no limit on this action. So if you convince several people, you will also receive several discovery boxes delivered to your home (or more times 5 € deposited). The dispatches are distributed with the discovery boxes, so that you too receive 6 other beers each time!

You never have a discovery box of postmybeer Ordered? No problem: even then you can participate in this action.

The action will run until the end of 2023. This gives you extra time to score free discovery boxes or some extra cash.

Good luck!


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